Francesco Carone – Horror Vaqui

From 09 October to 7 November 2010 at the Centre for Contemporary Art - EX 3 at the sixth edition of Contemporary Day, will be exhibited at the Center for Contemporary Art, an installation created by the site-specific Francesco Carone . Carone's work on the idea of horror vacui, that the idea of filling a blank surface with objects, pictures and signs of all kinds. The concept of vacuum referred to by the author to create his work, has been studied over the centuries by scientists, philosophers and critics of every historical period. The relationship that must exist between the subject blank and it is important because it points to what the author is the very fact of creating a strong bond between them, so do not perceive them as two individual units but rather as a single unit. This is the fundamental step on which to build Carone his work that the importance of creating a unique relationship between empty and covered.

EX3 – Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea
Viale Giannotti 81/83/85 – 50126 Firenze

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